Greenery and Fresh Air

Take a walk this lunchtime

Playing on the Street

When I first set out to be a saxophonist Manchester, I was not sure what would be required of me and how I would earn an income. I didn’t have a band to play with and I didn’t have a following of fans. I simply knew that I wanted to play music in order to earn an income and I set out to do that. My career started out with me working on the streets. I would play on the street with a can set up for those who wanted to help support me. I would play until I was tired and then I would play a little more. I put all of the energy I had into what I was doing, and it ended up paying off well for me. I ended up with a job that I love because someone happened to notice me playing and they hired me.

Shanghai Surprise!

On a recent trip group tour to China, my wife and I stayed overnight in a Shanghai Hotel. After a pleasant day of touring the city, we returned to the hotel and discovered a sign in the adjacent building advertising a Manchester thai massage. Although it was late in the evening, the advertisement indicated that the massage venue was open until 2 AM in the morning! We crossed the street at midnight and entered into a somewhat dismal building, wondering if we had made the right decision. Upon finding the directory at the elevator, we were able to decipher the proper floor for the massage business. Once we stepped off level 3, we were delighted to find a pleasant woman working the front desk at the massage business who spoke excellent English. She signed us up for a wonderful massage, which included the unique aspect of light hammers on our body.

Never Tasted Better

There is a stream that runs behind my house. It is filled with small fish, stones, and tiny insects that float across the top. On warm days, I would sit by the stream and soak my bare feet in the clear and cool water. The refreshing feeling filled my body up with glee.

One day, I sat by the stream on an extremely hot afternoon. The sun rays beamed down on my head and clothes with a force that was as hot as an oven. I wiped beads of sweat from my forehead and tried to breathe in fresh air. After a while of fighting the heat, the cool stream before me began to look very inviting. I reached down to cup a small amount of the fresh water in my hand. Intending to drink the coolness, I brought my hand to my mouth. Suddenly, I heard the voice of my mother.

I dropped my hand and turned to see my mother running towards me with a stern look. She sat down beside me and explained that the stream water could not be safe to drink. I could get sick. Instead, she constructed a water filtration media before me with materials like rocks, sand, and a special treatment soil. Then, she filtered the stream water through the media before handing a small amount out for me to drink. At that moment, water never tasted better!

New Life is Found

When an item is recycled I feel that the item is given new life and new hope. I think that there is much to be learned from the process of recycling. Old can be made new and new hope can be born. I love the idea of recycled glass media because it points to new life. The first time that I heard about such a thing I was interested in learning all that I could about it. All kinds of recycling point to new life for objects that would otherwise be thrown out. I love the idea of turning an old item into something that is new and special. I love the hope that comes from new items. I love the way that new life can be born when an item is turned into something new. I appreciate new life and new hope and the world of recycling.

Preparing For My First Photoshoot

I have been working my entire life to become a model. Now, it seems my dreams are finally coming true and the hard work is starting to pay off. I have my first photo shoot in a few days, and I am very nervous. I want my pictures to turn out perfectly, and I am doing everything that I can to prepare.

I have spent a lot of time caring for my skin, so it will look great on camera. I will also be working with a bridal makeup artist so that any imperfections I have can be hidden with cosmetics. I have also been watching what I eat. I noticed that my skin breaks out when I eat certain foods. That is why I have been been avoiding sugary and fried foods. Additionally, I have been practicing my poses in the mirror. I believe that I will be ready for my photo shoot.

Danielle’s Inferno

My name is Danielle, and I am the hottest person in my office. No, seriously, I work for a temporary agency, and currently, I work as a secretary in an office building with no Manchester air conditioning. The owners are in the process of correcting the problem; in the meantime, they expect me to sit at my desk, smile and greet clients, and answer the phone in a cheery voice, and see to it that the coffee pot is filled to the brim every morning.

“Dress proffesssionally”, the temp service told me. I can do that, as long as their idea of business professional is a tank top, short skirt, and heels that I can stealthily slip off under my desk. I’m supposed to be this company’s shining example of customer service. Oh I’m shining, believe me. My forehead simply sparkles, less than an hour after clocking in…with beads of sweat. I’m overheated, underpaid, and I give new meaning to the phrase “hot under the collar. My name is Danielle, and this is my inferno.

I hit such a bad shot

I do not play golf that much which is the problem. When I was young and single and started playing golf 15 years ago, I had the time to take lessons, practice, and get good at it. Now being married with children, I only get to play once a year at my Kiwanins club’s funraiser. Without training or repetitive play, I remember how bad I suck at golf now. It seemed like I was in a silica flour sand bunker every other hole. I lack the training, the equipment or the patience to get the damn ball out of the trap. One on hole, I went from one trap to another since I hit such a bad shot. Before next year’s tournament, I am going to practice before I play, especially around the green. This is why I hate golf. It is not something to play once a year.